Zhuhai Gree Electric Enterprise Co.,Ltd.is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliance Inc. Mainly enaged in product design, manufacture and service of enameled wire, wires and cables, electrical accessories(plug and socket)

About Us

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  • Criterion
    Code of Conduct(Gree Electric)
    Be honest and practical.
    Be principled and devoted.
    Do right things and great works
  • Mission
    The Mission of Gree Electric
    Promote industrial spirit,Pursue perfect quality.
    Provide professional service,Creat comfortable environment.
  • Policy
    The Quality Policy of Gree Electric
    The most perfect service,
    The most competitive price.
  • Quality
    Quality requirements of Gree Electric

    One mission: Make Chinese manufacturing globally respected

    Two life: The meaning of quality is life,
    One is the life of customers,
    One is the life of enterprises.

    Three princips: Quality is the life of enterprise;
    The standard satisfies the demands of customer is the best standard;
    Quality control requires free after-sales as the target.

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